“Practice makes perfect,” is more than a motto at Dawson Holdings, Inc. The principals of DHI have developed more than 6,000 units of multifamily housing, with more in the works. Through these developments, DHI continues to expand creativity and lower the bottom line to bring the best possible housing experience at a price you can afford. Our communities are each carefully planned and professionally managed to enhance and improve the lives of our residents and the neighborhoods in which they are located.


We Are

We are an Experienced Rental Housing Developer

DHI’s core competency is the development and rehabilitation of multifamily housing throughout the United States, with a primary focus in California and the Western states.

Based in Novato, California, DHI’s efforts include the completion of approximately 3,100 units in multifamily and senior projects in California. And since its first project in 1997, DHI and its affiliates have successfully created or preserved 61 multifamily projects, providing quality homes for more than 6,500 households nationwide.

We Focus on Value and Long-term Sustainability

Through the new construction and substantial rehabilitation of properties, DHI creates value for local communities, residents, and investors.

For Local Communities and Residents

  • We improve residents’ living environments.
  • We support and encourage safe neighborhoods.
  • We deliver residential education and social service programs.
  • We enhance the physical appearance of our properties.
  • We preserve and create long-term affordability.

For our Investors

  • We lower operating costs through energy-efficient targeted construction and design.
  • We reduce long-term capital costs.
  • We realize a return on value-added rehabilitation.
  • We deliver income and tax benefits.
  • We work within an investment horizon of a minimum of 15 years.

We are a Team
of Dedicated

Meet Our Management Team

Tim Fleutsch view bio
Tim Fluetsch

VP of Acquisitions, Management, and Operations Utah and Mountain States

Thomas Dawson view bio
Thomas Dawson

Managing General Partner

John Hartwick view bio
John Hartwick

VP, Director of Operations

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Barbara Brack

Director of Asset Management

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Anthony Adair

Management and Operations California

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Lenester Erickson

Asset Manager

We Develop
Solutions, Not
Just Properties

Some Examples of Our Commitment

At Dawson Holdings, we develop solutions. Our asset management culture is committed to providing a living experience that is equal to, or better than, our full price competitors. Our obligation to our customers has nothing to do with how much they pay. We desire to make our place, your new home.

We currently manage more than 2700 units in 25 projects located in Arizona, California, Montana, Texas and Utah. In the selection of project case studies below, you can see examples of our innovative thinking and devotion to developing solutions for both our residents and investors.

Kachina Apartments
Kachina Apartments
Kachina Apartments
Kachina Apartments

Kachina Apartments

DHI worked with USDA and the State of Arizona Housing fund to craft a multilayered financing structure. DHI was honored by the USDA when Kachina was introduced as a model project for its energy upgrades and energy-efficient systems. All common area electrical systems are 100% solar powered, and a solar hot water system provides bulk hot water for all laundries.

The rebuilding of Kachina included a full rain-water retention system that converts all rain to irrigation water sitewide. DHI installed a 20,400 gallon water reclamation system that harvests water runoff from the 21,000 sq. ft. parking lot and stores it in tanks buried under the new xeroscaped property. The annual average rainfall in Casa Grande is 8.4 inches and the system can harvest approximately 110,000 gallons per year. This harvested water serves irrigation needs at the property, and the xeroscaping saves an additional 1.25 million gallons per year.

Phoenix Landing
Phoenix Landing
Phoenix Landing
Phoenix Landing

Phoenix Landing

At acquisition, this 140 unit, 8 building complex was substantially worn with lots of deferred maintenance.

With an extensive rehab that included replacing all of the HVAC, kitchens, bathrooms roofs and windows, we were able to create energy efficiency throughout. Additionally, we installed 16 passive hot water solar panel collectors to each boiler system, reducing the properties utility usage by 40%.

As part of our commitment to creating a better community for our residents, we repurposed some unused space and turned it into a community room where we had computers installed allowing free internet access, installed a playground, refurbished the pool and converted an unused piece of the property into a soccer field.

Broadway Senior Center
Broadway Senior Center
Broadway Senior Center
Broadway Senior Center

Broadway Senior Center

Broadway Senior Center in Sacramento, California consists of 14 four-plex buildings and 12 six-plex buildings, each with one- and two-bedroom units.

DHI applied cutting-edge single-family-home construction in the four-plexes by installing SunCache ICS collectors that preheat water before it enters a water heater. The project realized a 40% reduction in gas usage for hot water heating. To further reduce energy consumption, DHI used a 98%-efficient Navien tankless hot water heater, the most efficient tankless hot water heater available.

Overall the project realized a 35% increase in energy efficiency through the installation of new HVAC equipment, high efficiency windows, new insulation, and Energy Star® appliances and equipment. DHI passes these savings directly on to Broadway's residents.

We Care Deeply
About Our

We Don't Just Make Housing, We Make Homes

Dawson Holdings is more than a real estate development company. We are a provider of “apartment homes” in an arena that has nearly unlimited demand and a severe shortage of supply. We strive to make our places “homes” for the people who choose to live here, not just apartments. We do not believe that paying less should mean getting less, and strive to make our communities as good as, or better than our market-rate competitors. One of the greatest compliments we hear all the time from applicants is that “I had no idea this place was low income housing when I was driving by.”

We also work very hard to make these assets economically viable for our partners. Through a combination of green technologies for utility savings, efficient operations, and quality experienced personnel, we make the most out of the opportunities that present themselves. Our commitment to the properties goes beyond the initial acquisition and means that we stay engaged in these assets, and spend real time and energy getting out to them regularly. In doing so, we are able to develop strong relationships with our on-site personnel and set high expectations that lead to long term success, and stability on which our partners can rely.

Meet Some of Our Residents

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Broadway Senior Center
Sacramento, CA

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Casa De Angelo Apartments
Sacramento, CA

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Se Woong & Kyungja

Casa De Angelo Apartments
Sacramento, CA

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Casa De Angelo Apartments
Sacramento, CA

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Kachina Apartments
Casa Grande, AZ

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Broadway Senior Center
Sacramento, CA

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