EV Charging Station installation in Sacramento

Driving Sustainability: Dawson Holdings, Deployment of EV Chargers Across Our Sacramento Communities

Taking Steps Towards Sustainability: Dawson Holdings, Inc. Brings EV Chargers to Sacramento Communities

Dawson Holdings, Inc. is thrilled to collaborate with Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) and Chargie, an electric vehicle charging platform, in an initiative that amplifies our dedication to a sustainable future. Our recent accomplishment involves the successful installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers at select properties within Sacramento, a move that aligns with our mission to foster a greener environment.

Enabling sustainability:
As the paradigm shifts towards electric vehicles, our investment in EV chargers stands as a step towards a brighter, cleaner future. This initiative empowers both our residents and visitors to embrace eco-conscious transportation options. The availability of these charging stations facilitates effortless recharging, resulting in significantly lowered carbon footprints and a more environment-friendly lifestyle. Through proactive installations like these, we're fortifying our communities for the evolving transportation landscape, cultivating self-sufficient neighborhoods rooted in sustainability.

One of many steps toward a greener future:
Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond EV chargers. We're proud to integrate systems that conserve water and harness solar energy across our affordable multifamily properties. This comprehensive approach is a testament to our resolve to minimize our ecological footprint. We invite our residents, visitors, and stakeholders to join us in creating a more vibrant, sustainable future.

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