General Partner Purchases

DHI buys general partner and limited partner interests in affordable low-income housing real estate partnerships.

Exiting an LIHTC partnership can seem impossible; but we may be able to help. There are going to be challenges that you, as the seller, are going to be required to overcome. You may have obligations, such as personal guarantees. DHI can help overcome those challenges and get you released by taking on your obligations. Your LIHTC investor limited partner’s release is going to require a replacement LIHTC general partner with a balance sheet able to meet your obligations. It would be an extremely rare circumstance where we will not be an acceptable replacement.

We are in a cash position to buy if you are looking to potentially sell your LIHTC partnership interests. We are willing to buy the interests of the General Partner, and in some cases that of the Limited Partner.

DHI is buying partnership interests in properties located in primary and secondary markets located throughout the western United States.

DHI evaluates the track record and future ability of the property(ies) to generate cash flow. DHI then examines the partnership documents to determine allocation of cash flow and proceeds from the eventual sale or refinance.

If you are interested in a proposal to purchase your partnership interests, please contact:

Tim Fluetsch

We will request that you provide:

  1. Current year-to-date financial and operating statements;
  2. 2016, 2017 and 2018 financial and operating statements;
  3. Current rent roll;
  4. Occupancy reports for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and year-to-date;
  5. Copies of all partnership documents;
  6. Copies of all mortgage loan documents;
  7. Copies of any rent subsidy agreements; and
  8. Copies of any regulatory agreements.